Town Board Meetings
April - November
1st & 3rd Thurs - 6:00 PM
December - March
1st Thurs - 6:00 PM
Presque Isle Town Hall
8306 School Loop Rd
P.O. Box 130
Presque Isle, WI 54557

Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Transfer Station

Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Note: The Transfer Station is open on all Monday holidays. 

Transfer Station Attendant

Mike Peterson

Phone - 715-686-7479

Transfer Station Change!

Please pay attention to the on-the-pavement yellow arrows and stripes directing you through the new traffic flow pattern!

Recycling in Presque Isle

Landfills in Wisconsin will no longer accept electronic devices. See info about the electronics ban.

Transfer Station Fee Schedule

See Recycling Ordinance

New! Composting at the Transfer Station

The Town of Presque Isle will be accepting yard waste and certain other materials that can be easily composted.
The Transfer Station has a sand pad that is ready to accept your yard waste and compostable items. Enter through the gate to the right of the building and look for the sand pad on your right. You will see a sign that identifies acceptable and unacceptable compost materials. Please ask the attendant for more information or see the handouts available at the Transfer Station.
Wisconsin law prohibits disposal of yard materials in landfills.  Composting is an easy, inexpensive alternative to landfills that puts these resources to use instead of simply throwing them away.

Here are some informational documents regaring recycling. Read each document carefully. If you have additional questions, Mike will be happy to answer them for you!
Recycling Guidelines
Why Clean Your Recyclables?
Town of Presque Isle Fees for building materials and appliances
Highway G Landfill Prices